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This 22-year-old model inspires with unibrow despite social media trolls

An american model “Sophia Hadjipanteli” is best-known for her unusual eyebrows, which she has grown into one, thick uni brow.

Hadjipanteli started the #unibrowmovement and has been viciously attacked by trolls on social media. Her posts have attracted thousands of negative comments, like, “… This weirdo is just trying to be edgy and cool. She’s a reprobate that’s needs put down.” and “You’re so ugly that you scare me.” Also, “what is that on her face.” Some have even posted words like, “Ewwww” and “ugly!!!!”

She said: “I wake up every day to terrible comments But, that really just motivates me more. I love the fact that me being myself unapologetically has allowed me to have control over the naysayers and that sort of control is really priceless.”

Hadjipanteli has also received positive and supportive feedback. “Whenever people ask me about my #unibrowmovement, which is on social media, they say, ‘What inspired it?’ It was inspired by my preferences. I personally really did not want to pluck my eyebrows, because I just really liked the way I looked without doing so – it wasn’t initially me rebelling against anyone.”

Hadjipanteli hopes to use her modeling career to further what she calls body-positive and beauty activism, something she hopes social engagement will promote. She also plans to write a book in the future.

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