Everyone who attends the award show gets a trophy – Atif Aslam

    atif aslam

    The much loved singer of Pakistan, Atif Asalm recently showed his disappointment towards the ban of Pakistani artists in India. In his recent interview, he said, “Local awards are completely flawed. Everyone who attends the ceremony gets an award. An artist may have been number one all through the year but may not win simply because he or she couldn’t make it to the ceremony or isn’t friends with the ‘right’ people.”

    “Unfortunately, our masses are too gullible to see how flawed the system is. They equate the winning of an award with genuine success and that’s just very discouraging for up-and-coming artists.”

    “All I know is that I have many fans in India and it would be unfair to them if I stopped singing good songs that were offered to me. There are many other things that are unfair. I can’t keep protesting against each and every one of them.”

    Atif is a pride of Pakistan and since art has no boundaries, so we really wish to see not just him but others to expand their talent all around the world.