Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s daughter deported from India

    muneeza hashmi

    Post URI attacks, the tension between Pakistan and India has increased and the ban on artists both the sides is making a lot of difficulty for the industry of Pakistan and India.

    Recently, Indian designers came to Pakistan for Shan-e-Pakistan to showcase their talent here. Muneeza Hashmi, daughter of famous poet Faiz Ahmed was deported from India without any proper reason. She was invited there for the 15th Asia Media Summit, she was not even allowed to reach the venue and was deported immediately as they thought she was a threat to the national security.

    Muneeza’s son, M Ali Hashmi took to his Twitter account to express his grief about this incident.

    “This is your Shining India? My 72 year old mother, daughter of Faiz denied permission to participate in conference after being officially invited, Shame.” – He twitted.

    “She was at the hotel where the conference was supposed to be held – and she had been told that her registration had been cancelled. Not just that, her hotel reservation had also been cancelled and the organizers were even refusing to let her attend the conference – or even to have dinner with the delegates! One of the organizers, an old friend, who, according to her, was “on the verge of tears”, hurriedly arranged for her to stay in another hotel,” wrote Ali.

    This is such a shame, after being invited officially they treated her like this.