George Clooney recovering from an accident in Italy

George Clooney was recently injured in a motorcycle crash while he was in Sardina, Italy. The actor was filming a television miniseries adapted from the World War II novel Catch-22, and was staying in a rental villa around Sardinia’s northeastern coast.

A local Italian newspaper reported that Clooney had been traveling to a film set when his bike collided with a car.

A set of photos surfaced from the scene showing Clooney’s bike down after apparently being hit by a Mercedes-Benz. According to a surveillance video the car hit the actor’s bike at a curve near the entrance to the Costa Corallina residential area. Clooney was thrown off his bike and into the air consequently landing on the asphalt.

The academy award winner was hospitalized for a brief time period after being injured. However, the actor seems to be recovering and is back home with his family.