“HAD HO GAYI YARR” moments jo har Pakistani relate kar sakta hai

If you’re a Pakistani then you must have been through these “HAD HO GAYII” moments in your life. Phir chahe woh bin bulaye mehmaano ka ghar per ana ho ya girlfriend ko bhejne wala message ghalti se amma ko send hojaye. Let’s recall those moments and see which one you can relate to.

When you’re about to leave home for outing, and ghar per bin bulaye mehmaan ajayen

When you’re expecting to have Biryani in dinner but there’s anday sabzi

When you think you can cross the traffic signal and traffic police asks you to stop

When you want to send your friend a dirty meme and ghalti se family whats app group main send hojaye

When your boyfriend says “Mujhe bohat zaroori baat karni hai tumse”

When your crush is getting engaged and all you can say is “Abbay Yaar”

When you’re stalking someone and accidentally like their picture

When you’re about to put your phone on charge but light chali jaye

When you realize its the due date tomorrow to submit the bill your mother gave you