JS Pak-Danish musical collaboration

Music often expresses the ideas and emotions of a society as a whole. On that note, JS Bank, one of the fastest growing and most innovative financial institutions of Pakistan, in an effort to promote arts and culture recently collaborated with Royal Danish Embassy in order to bring Karachi a fusion of East and West.

JS Bank joined hands with the Royal Danish Embassy to bring to Pakistan, a first-of-its-kind collaboration of Eastern and Western musicians. The grand musical evening featured the famous Danish performing group, Hun Solo and renowned Pakistani band, Aaroh. The event was attended by Rolf Michael Holmboe, Danish Ambassador to Pakistan, Basir Shamsie, Deputy CEO JS Bank, along with corporate leaders, industrialists and key clientele of the Bank. The event was organized around the premise of building Pakistan’s international image through the field of arts, music and literature.

This effort was reflected when the entire Danish group stated that despite media perception, Pakistan is an amazing country, filled with loving people, and further looked forward to future performances within the country.

On the occasion, Basir Shamsie – Deputy CEO – JS Bank stated,

“At JS Bank our goal is to give back to the people of Pakistan. We continually undertake efforts to go beyond just business by adding value to the lives of our fellow citizens. As responsible corporate citizens, JS Group has also established the Mahvash and Jahangir Siddiqui Foundation, a non-profit trust which works to serve the underprivileged in the fields of healthcare, education and social development and which also recently sponsored the first Art Biennale in Pakistan”

Whereas, the Danish Ambassador – Rolf Michael Holmboe stated,

“Through music, we have further strengthened the bond between the people of Pakistan and Denmark. We heard some great music with fantastic diversity, but the big moment was when it all came together in a brilliant explosion of musical fusion! I praise JS Bank for taking the initiative to hold this musical fusion event and look forward to being a part of similar activities in the future building bridges between our people and cultures.”

This celebration was the latest in a long-running series of social initiatives undertaken by JS Bank over the course of the past few years to help strengthen the cultural ethos of our great nation on both domestic and international platforms.