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How Load Wedding’s songs Good Luck & Munday Lahore De are better than the other film’s party and dance songs!

Two desi chart busters from Movie “Load Wedding” are making everyone gaga over it. The peppy music, catchy lyrics, strong vocals and happy-go-lucky beats are making every foot to tap on with the beats of these Punjabi numbers.

Under the banner of Filmwala Pictures and direction by Nabeel Qureshi, produced by Fizza Ali Meerza and Mehdi Ali and the stellar cast of the perfect duo, “Fahad Mustafa” and “Mehwish Hayat”, the film is set to release on Eidul Azha. However, two new released songs from this movie are clearly taking the music charts on fire and are a staple to every party and wedding this season.

The songs are not only a joy to ears but a treat to sore eyes as well with the mere presence of Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat in these Punjabi numbers. The dynamic duo has mesmerized the audience in Actor in Law earlier as well, since then their on-screen chemistry is winning the hearts of audiences.

The song “Good Luck” with its captivating lyrics written by Mohsin Abbas Haider and perfect bhangra beats by Shani Arshad, beautiful vocals by Asrar Shah and Tehreem Muniba and incredible moves by Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat, the most popular faces of our film industry, has gained the popularity as a typical desi Punjabi chart buster in no time.

“Munde Lahore De” is yet another finest dance number of Lollywood ever. The first thing that can be noticed in song is the splash of colors and upbeat music of the song. A perfect blend of appealing lyrics by Mohsin Abbas Haider with killer dance moves & electronic expressions of Fahad & Mehwish and charming typical Punjabi accent vocals by Mohsin Abbas Haider & Saima Jahan add right amount of magic to the song. The way this couple grooved on this perky number has definitely set the temperature soaring.

Certainly, from lyrics to vocals to music everything is responsible for the success of these tracks. However the feat would have been incomplete without the grace and charm of this beautiful and most famous couple of our Film Industry.

Whilst Mehwish Hayat already graced some dance numbers in Lollywood earlier, she has ignited some fire with her flirtatious look, dazzling dance moves and astounding expressions and the way she swayed her body on the beats in these songs are worth watching. Fahad Mustafa on the other hand has also proved himself the best dancer of the industry with his poise and typical desi attitude that portrays him as a hunk.

With the wedding season is all around, there are plenty of Bollywood numbers to dance up to but with the rise of Pakistani cinema, every desi movie is incomplete without a hit wedding dance number. You must have heard a lot of wedding songs in recent years from Ballay Ballay  (Film Bin Roye),  Shakar Wandan re (Film Ho Mann Jahan), Jalwa  (Film Jawani Phir Nahi Aani) and Billo Hai (Film Parchi) and a latest release of Nachaa re (Film Parwaz Hay Junoon) but there is no denial to the fact that these peppy numbers, “Munday Lahore De” and “Good Luck” with cheerful tone and electronic dance performances are better than any Lollywood dance numbers that we have seen ever!

Both the songs “Munde Lahore De” and “Good Luck” are more energetic and upbeat in tune as well as in dance performances. Nomi Ansari has done a great job in ensembles for the songs. These two peppy Punjabi songs certainly fall into the category of being the UTMOST played bhangra songs this wedding season, but just wondering which one will be adored better than the other.

Honestly, we have found our two dance numbers for this wedding season, have you?

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