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Mohsin Abbas’s savage reply to this guy made our day!

mohsin abbas haider

Social media can be brutal sometimes, whatever you post immediately becomes the public property – well this is just a wrong perception of people and nothing else!

Cyber bullying has become so common and people don’t realize how much their comment can hurt anyone’s image and people do not hesitate to defame anyone especially our celebrities who work day and night just to entertain us – it’s their job and profession just like any other profession and we all must learn to respect each other.

While many celebrities have raised their voice against cyber bullying and hate comments, recently Actor and host Mohsin Abbas Haider posted a video of his post workout and this guy instead of praising the hard work put in by the actor stated a hateful comment.

#PostWorkout 🤜🏻🤛🏻

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Of course, Mohsin came up with a brilliant reply and gave him a great shut up call. Kudos to you Mohsin!

mohsin abbas haider

It’s high time that we all should learn to respect our celebrities because behind the lens they are like common people. Respect their privacy and learn to appreciate their efforts!

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