Moments when you realize “Internet na hota toh life kitni boring hoti”

Adha time toh Facebook or Snapchat k filters use kar  guzar jata hai. Kisi ki birthday yaad rakhne ki zarurat nahi parti because Facebook is there to remind you. Problem apni hoti hai lekin concern adhi dunya ko hojata hai kyunke we can’t live without posting it on our social media. Ek hi ghar main beth kar we whats app ammi “Khana ban gaya?” Internet has changed our lives and here are moments when you realize “Life kitni boring hoti agar internet na hota”

Ankh khulte hi first thing you find is your phone 

The feeling you get when internet is down

And the only thing you can do “Internet walay ko phone kar galiyan dena”

And you love places where you find “FREE WIFI”

You hate people who texts you instead of whats app

Instead of going to parties, you choose to watch netflix

Break up ho, engagement hoi ho, bathroom main hon, ya chahe light chali gayi ho, You want the world to know about it

Light janay k baad itna ghum AC na chalne ka nahi hota jitna internet ka hota hai

You can’t go a single day without tagging your best friend in memes

Your reaction when someone says “Phone main kya karti rehti ho saara din”