Nadia Jamil ask for prayers after seizures attack!

Nadia Jamil, is a name that needs no introduction. The gorgeous actress has ruled hearts for years and continues doing so. However, these days it seems, Nadia is not in the best of her health.

The actor took to Twitter on May 1 and asked her fans to pray for her as she’s had 17 seizures over the span of three days.

On the very next day, with Almighty’s power and plentiful prayers, the actress has felt better. She has thanked all her fans for the prayers and love.

Today, the protagonist uploads a photo of herself smiling all her pains away. Albeit being sick, she has still written such a heartwarming caption for her photo, “Life is so fragile. Respect it. Your body may not always be healthy. Nurture it. Your heart will be broken. Heal it. & your smile can empower someone elses day:) Use it. Problems everywhere & behind each one so many solutions. May my heart stay unveiled so I can see them clearly”


We wish Nadia Jamil a healthy and happy life.