This picture from ‘Parwaz Hai Junoon’ is going viral and people can’t stop judging Hania!

Knowing that our film industry has made its revival that too after soo long and with a bang. We can’t deny the fact that our actors have put an immense amount of efforts to make our film industry to the level that of Bollywood and Hollywood.

Recently a lot of movies have been released that made us believe that we do can make quality stuff with those bold acting skills. Be it “jawani phr nae ani”, “Motorcycle girl”, “Cake”, “Verna”, “Punjab nae jaongi” all of these has created enough hype not only in our country but outside too. And it’s a proud moment for all of us for sure.

Talking about the new movie that is all set to release and make its mark in the industry “Parwaz hai junoon” featuring “Hamza Ali Abbasi”, “Ahad Raza Mir” and “Hania Amir” (being the new favs of all) has made some rumors revolving around it due to their promotional picture taken in the uniforms of an Airforce and swinging with a bang!

Well, if you being the decent one and still didn’t notice what created the hype then we are here again being the judging phupo and to tell you what’s up with this picture.
See Hamza Ali Abbasi’s name-tag on the uniform, then look at Ahad’s and ofcourse now you know what we are talking about, “what’s written on Hania Amir’s uniform” Yup, they gave her a badge calling her “Junaid”.  People like always came up with the funny yet lame tweets saying maybe they didn’t get the right size of Hania’s uniform thus ended with this. others made her feel like a guy with Hania’s face. or “why is Junaid looking like Hania Amir” etc.. People, please!
For you to know maybe the Hania’s name in the movie could be Hania Junaid or maybe Junaid can be her surname, You never know or maybe they wanted to gain your attention to make it viral and I see them going all successful on the mission.

Ignoring all these some people are also supporting them for their new style and characters. Where Hamza also posted their picture saying it was fun shooting with these talented people!
Well, we will surely give you some love and support for your amazing efforts. Military things always give me a boost so does this film. Where I have a thing for Airforce people there I am always there to support them as well. Can’t wait for the movie to come out!!
Best of luck, Guys!
Keep rocking and bombing like you guys are doing! <3