Are you ready to book a ride with Fawad Khan?

Once again Careem has left us in a state of curiosity with its latest teaser campaign that I’m certain you all must have seen once you opened your app this morning to book your ride.

The teaser came something like this:

As stated:

Woh humsafar tha..
#CheckYourApp #SuperStar

*Limited rides available so book your Later ride now!

A ride with Fawad Khan? This is simply CRAZY! But even with this campaign, Careem customers are either confused or simply let down with the new “Woh Humasaf Tha” campaign by Careem, since they didn’t get Fawad Khan.

Here’s what some had to say:

However some simply couldn’t stop drooling over the fact:

Nonetheless, Careem surely got us all up and running to book a ride and get the Captain of our dreams!