Restaurant shocks diners by topping burger with ‘Tarantula’!

A restaurant in Durham, North Carolina, is surprising its diners by topping burgers with huge spiders as part of its exotic meat month.

The restaurant is running a competition to find guests willing to try eating a tarantula.

Customers who walk into Bull City Burger and Brewery are offered a chance to try a tarantula for $30 and get a t-shirt in return for the brave act, according to reports.

The tarantula topped on the eatery’s classic beef patties is lightly salted and oven baked and is one of the weird options on the menu besides burgers made from alligator, iguana, python, bison, turtle, and various other bugs.

Speaking about the competition, Bull City Burger which also has duck fat fries and rye pretzels with sauce, said, “People say it (tarantula) tastes most like crab, or other shellfish, sometimes with a bit of a metallic-y taste. But, the legs, the body…each bite tastes a bit different.”

The competition has had four customers who tried on the hairy spider so far and the restaurant has just 18 zebra tarantulas available. The spiders are native to Costa Rica and other parts of Central America. They eat grasshoppers and cockroaches and reach a leg span of up to 13cm.

Who’s up for the challenge? 😛