Veena Malik confirms divorce with husband Asad Bashir

Actress and now host Veena Malik confirmed her divorce with husband Asad Bashir Khan Khattak during a live Ramadan transmission.

As per reports and the video that has been doing rounds across social media, Veena Malik revealed several unknown secrets and facts about her life. She said that she worked in television and movies to which, Aamir Liaquat said you got married too. Veena then replied, “Yes, I got married that’s why I do not wish to do anything else.”

As Veena was asked about her married life and recent separation with Asad, she said that she was very happy with her kids however, confirmed that she had taken a divorce from Asad (husband). She said that she wanted to set a precedent as an artist. “I got married at the peak of my career and made many sacrifices,” Veena said.

Veena Malik added that she didn’t want to discuss or highlight her matrimonial issues on media and therefore didn’t come across revealing the matter earlier.

Veena Malik got married to Asad Khattak in Dubai in December, 2013.