What to Wear to the Airport

Airport attire recommendations

Whether you’re a first-time flyer or an expert traveler, you don’t want to feel like going through hell once at the airport. Comfort is of utmost importance when travelling. You must feel easy and stress free at all times!

Here are some “airport attire” recommendations;


Depending on your style, the basic the better. T-shirts, oversized shirts are recommended.


Tights, trackpants and shorts are the recommended go to here. You want something you can easily run around and be comfortable in, so skirts aren’t really an appropriate option.


You can not miss this one! From a big oversized hoodie or bomber, to a flattering trench or blazer; you must always pack these before flying out.


Comfort, comfort, comfort. Again, you need to be able to walk swiftly with ease. Sky high heels are definitely NOT recommended. Sneakers, slides and other forms of closed in shoes are much more preferred.

How Mahira Khan does it: