Yasra Rizvi’s new serial to shed light on social issues

ustaani jee

Yasra Rizvi is super talented and there’s no doubt in it. She has appeared in many serials and know how to live with her character.

Her latest series Ustaani Jee revolves around the social and domestic issues associated with our society. Each episode of this series highlights a different social/domestic issue in a unique way through the central character of the series, “Ustaani Jee”. All the issues will be seen and shown through her eyes with answers on how to tackle such issues and the reason that lead to such issues in the first place.  The series will have Ustani Jee as the main character in all the episodes with two more core characters. The first episode of the series revolves around Salma who abandons her family just before her marriage to be with the person of her dreams, but they are both arrested by the police while trying to escape. The man dumps her and she is left to face the eternal embarrassment until Ustaani Jee comes to her rescue.

With this amazing concept, we just can’t wait for the series.