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Horoscope – NOV 20, 2020

Aries: You can never be something other than who you are, that’s just the way it is. Your family members may have dreamed of getting done with a duty or a moral lesson, but these ideas don’t apply to you. Your visions of being someone else are like poltergeists that have come back to haunt you. Brush them off!


Taurus: Today may bring a tornado of individuality and independence. You typically tolerate the quirks and minor faults in your friends and/or family, but they present real obstacles to your relationships, today. The only way to remedy this, is to go on holiday. Spending some time by yourself will keep you out of trouble.




Gemini: Want to make the best of your day? Try to persuade your team or family to work collectively. This will be a tricky task, what with their schedules being so challenging right now. As hard as it may be to synchronize their efforts and create harmony, the strength of your character and spirit will work it all out.


Cancer: You finally have a promising day ahead. You will progress by leaps and bounds in whatever you need to do. Whatever has caused delays will be discovered today. You return to the talent and professionalism you so value after more than a few weeks of faltering progress. Don’t put up with any violation of your ethics now or ever.



Leo: Something you need or want has been evading your grasp, but today it’s all within reach, especially if it was material contemplations holding you back. You have a promising day awaiting you, so make the most of it!





Virgo: Today will be soothing, Virgo. Since it’s favorable for the material facet of things, it’s a good time to handle household issues like bills or repairs. Although, you might also want to take advantage of today’s aspect, to set in motion more ambitious plans about your living arrangements. It may be time to think more solemnly about that move you’ve been fantasizing about.



Libra: You will be full of ideas to improve your lifestyle, Libra, particularly because it relates to your family. Over the last few months, you’ve experienced some adversities. You can breathe easier now. Be it for your career or home, today’s ingenuities are likely to bring boundless rewards. Make sure to benefit from the atmosphere to put together a rational plan for the future.




Scorpio: You’re unquestionably trying to insert some order into your day-to-day life, and your behavior could profit from some fine-tuning as well. Whether it’s about food, hygiene, or simply the force of your daily rhythm, it’s likely that you will notice a real enhancement today.




Sagittarius: Expect your mood to improve today as the professional and personal projects, that you have been working on, should be progressing well. You feel comforted, and you’re invigorated to make some new strategies. If you continue to keep up, you will triumph in redefining your goals and life path.


Capricorn: People sometimes say that you miss out on life because you spend it observing rather than experiencing directly. If that’s the case, then today will be an immense withdrawal for you. You will suddenly seem more in touch with your emotions and be more present and associated with those around you. It feels good, doesn’t it?


Aquarius: You’re in the mood for commitment today Aquarius! Take the time to connect with the social realm, as you seek like-minded people who can share your intimate, distinctive empire. In due course, we all have to make our own way in society. Today you will feel more gregarious than usual. Expect to have some good ideas about how you can widen your social circle.



Pisces: Your strewn energy comes together today in a dominant laser beam of concerted attention and effort. You will labor until you drop, and no one and nothing should get in your way! Keep up the good pace. You’re going to feel more treasured than usual, and this changes undeniably everything for you.

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