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Bloggers meet up with Ahsan Khan & Neelam Muneer on the success of Chupan Chupai

We all know the movie Chupan Chupai has proved to be the best film of among some of the recent releases. Not only the audience but also the critics has approved and loved the movie. The houseful cinemas and extremely good reviews will make this film sustain long on the big screens.

In order to celebrate the success, Ahsan and Neelam invited all the press and media for a meet up, which I’d say is a unique idea itself. Because after the release, mostly the actors play ‘chupan chupai’ but the main leads came out and celebrated their success with the prestigious press and media; after all good reviews by them has convinced the audience to come out of their homes and enjoy the movie.

Three cheers for the team Chupan Chupai and kudos to MK digital for floating it all over the social media.

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