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Fashion Pakistan Week winter festive 2017 finale – Highlights

Fashion Pakistan Week winter festive 2017 ends with a good note. Let’s all take a moment to cherish the creativity and extra ordinary effort by designers who set the runway on fire in FPW’17 with their aesthetically beautiful collection. From modern cuts to trendy embellishments, we witnessed them all. It was certainly a treat to see Maheen Khan back on the ramp.

Tena Durrani – Platinum Series

Platinum Series was a collection inspired by precious metals and gems and the dazzling reflective play of light. It consisted of rose gold, champagne and platinum hues in metallic toned sheer fabrics, heavily embellished with Swarovski crystals and other precious reflective materials, embedded in the finest techniques of thread work giving a dramatic yet refined glow to the entire collection. With works of maroon and gold and other signifying combination of colours, finely embroidered hems of dupatta, gorgeous glimmery and sparkling lehengas with dull golds embellished and kamdani work, all of her ensembles had a complete and comprehensive bridal look leaving out no details. Bursting with glamour and prestige, her collection wowed all.


Nauman Arfeen – Carnation

Glistening like the sun, spirited like the breeze, pastel hues and grandiose handworked, inspired by the blooms of springs and the jewels of nature, Naushemian’s collection ‘Carnation’ was very refreshing and soothing to the eye. Like the pink of a carnation, men in pink looked beta, soft and classy as they wafted down the ramp, holding their magnificent pagris in their hands. The women’s collection was desi style ethereal, with velvet embroidered bell bottoms and fully embellished net coats. In bold short wigs, the girls strutted representing a free and fun look, holding the pink flower in their hands and wearing beige and pink khussas. Colours of rose wine, floral embroidered patterns far apart to keep the look uncluttered and gorgeous saris that tailed the ramp, filled with white flowers in light pink and gold waist coats with tassles floating down were all part of the collection which was stylish, new with a nod towards the desire of a bride to sparkle on her big day.

Saira Shakira – A Monsoon Wedding

Their latest formal/bridal collection, ‘A Monsoon Wedding’ had a touch of signature designs, beautifully blended with fresh contemporary patterns and silhouettes. The colour pallete used was a mix of pastels with rich jewels and printed florals that gave a fresh, new look. Most of their ensembles had dexterous use of metallic tassels and coloured thread work with intricate mosaic borders. Light pinks and golds with hints of a darker green, velvet necks, floral embroidered dupattas, short frocked kameezes, asymmetrical cuts to bring out the edgy look and tasselled delicate light pink shirts with white pearl work paired with raw silk pajamas that gleamed in the light. The collection then transitioned to dark blue and mint green and the use of contrasting colour was also evident. With one shoulder sleeves, off shoulder tasselled shirts, fitted to the waist loose from top and bottom, these outfits gave a very quirky and unconventional look to the ensembles that brought with it a unique sense of attitude.

Adnan Pardesy – Ravayat

Known for leaving people mesmerised, his collection ‘Ravayat’ inspired by the splendour and opulence of a timeless traditional bride. With classic hand woven embroidered in luxe fabrics, each and every outfit was crafted as a piece of art and echoed of majesty with silver embellishments, best paired with stylish and modern bell bottoms. The collar mint green and silver shirts were webbed from the bottom in finely netted work with exquisite elaborate details and flared chiffon pants. Loose wide palazzos with a mix of pastel and dark colours and other outfits, all unfolded like a story from an ancient era and had a stronger presence than the rest of the collections seen earlier. Statement outfits made models look fierce and dauntless with a tribal feel, a raw look to an almost perfect attire giving an almost dangerous edge to quaintly look.

Maheen Khan – The Lion and the Muse

Her collection ‘The Lion and the Muse’ entailed outfits that were ferocious yet majestic. With suits and long flowy bright red coats covered in sparkling embellishments paired with flowey pants, stylish and modish halter tops, shirts with work of stripes – all of these creations looked super classy and uncluttered, signature Maheen, with cuts that hugged the body and yet flowed from shoulder to toe with effortless ease. Striking, embroidered sleeve cuffs in super light material, not the standard black net covers, drapey sleeves made models look powerful, wild and ruling like the lion. The collection was impeccable in its uniqueness, as matchless and unique menswear coats had embroidery on it and were a mix of eastern and western giving out a very bold feel. The couturier is a master of her craft and her collection was an actual representation of the lion and the muse as the uniqueness was evident and much appreciated by all.

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