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HSY’s solo show is going to be a tribute to his 24 years in the industry and much more!

There are very few people in the fashion industry of Pakistan, who can never be forgotten. HSY is one of them! He is an absolute superstar and there’s no doubt about it. He started his career about two and a half decades ago and is the most prominent name of our fashion industry. He’s not just a designer but also a brilliant show director and choreographer of which the greatest proof is the success of the biggest award show, “LUX style Awards 2017”. He raised the bar of the show by combining powerful ideas which can easily compete with the international standards. His presence is more than enough to make any show a memorable one. HSY is the symbol of luxury, success and talent. After conquering the fashion industry of Pakistan, he has made Pakistan proud internationally as well.

With his more than 24 years of creativity, HSY is all set to do a solo show this December in Karachi. The collection is going to be a tribute to his excellence – a showreel of his fashion career.

So why did you choose Karachi?

We have two locations in Lahore, and two locations in Karachi. We are not a Lahore-based or a Karachi-based designer, we are a Pakistani designer. We are choosing to show in Karachi this time because it makes business sense for us with our current presence there. Plus we embrace the charm and diversity of the city which really inspires our fashion at HSY. Yes, maybe the next show could be in Lahore, says HSY.

HSY, the brand, has been at the forefront of doing solo shows. In fact, that was all we did prior to fashion weeks. That model changed once the fashion councils came along and I was, I am, in fact still the founding director of the Pakistan Fashion Design Council and we have always supported every council in their vision for fashion and the way it is presented. To that end, we showed only as part of the fashion weeks led by the councils and to much success. However, some 9 years on I now believe the fashion week led model also has room for further growth and evolution, and is in fact a huge source of introducing newer and emerging labels to the country. For us, who started with solo shows, it is now time to come back full circle and to go back to what truly is our essence which is our own show.

Will you be taking part in Fashion Weeks or you’re just focusing on solo shows for now?

As I have mentioned before, for us it is now time to come back full circle and to go back to what truly is our essence, which is our own show. Not that we are completely leaving fashion shows. It’s just what we’re focused on currently.

I haven’t thought about the exact number of outfits, my priority right now is to effectively communicate my work’s inspiration on the ramp.

Shero, who is the maestro and has showcased a huge number of outfits at a time, so we expect something which we have never seen before.

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