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IBA Leadership Conference 2017 following the lead of “Integrating Ideas”
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IBA Leadership Conference 2017 following the lead of “Integrating Ideas”

IBA Leadership Club has been at the forefront among the 27 other clubs and societies working for the professional mentoring of IBA students. Following its slogan of “Leadership and Ideas for tomorrow”, IBA Leadership Club conducts small and large scale events in order to nurture the innate talent of students who have the prospective to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Following its trend of being best among the best, IBA Leadership conference is scheduled to happen from 8th to 11th January, 2017. The theme for this year’s IBLC is “Integrating Ideas”.

It puts limelight on the significance of team building in perplexed situations and invigorates the power to think critically and fall out of the puzzling scenarios. The activities involved during the IBA Leadership Conference 2017 will enable the young leaders to be self-reliant and independent but also to know the significance and superiority of working in a team.

The steps to integrate the ideas of the individuals working in groups are;

  • Accumulating the ideas.
  • Evaluate the ideas provided.
  • Approach the challenges with a productive mindset.
  • Conflict management.
  • Integrating all the ideas and taking the lead

The first day of IBLC’17 will focus on preparing the participants better understand themselves; their weaknesses, strengths, comfort zones, communication skills, interaction power and how well they can blend in with the crowd. The second day will focus on productively penetrating the individual in society, towards the achievement of a communal goal. The third day will put a spotlight on the real-life situations, which may become an obstacle in one’s path, and what tactics will the participants use to maintain their calm, composure and how well they will emerge as a leader. Finally, the last day will focus on refreshing the participants, after three days of strenuous activities, through social events where everybody will be taken to a beach and productive entertainment would be used to refresh everyone.

The best part about IBLC’17 and the timeline is that it offers an opportunity of changing the perception and point of view of participants in just four days. Not only will it garner their talent, harbor their potential, but they will emerge out as completely different people.


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