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Launch of Chapter 2 by Khaadi

Talk to the regular consumer and on the whole they will tell you they’re overwhelmed by the plethora of color, mixed patterns, many splendored garments and a repetition of the same. Moving far away from just this clutter, Khaadi introduced Chapter 2 on Thursday at Dolmen Mall, Clifton. The new brand is all about going back to the iconic brands’ handloom roots. When you step in you see malleable and draped garments, stark in their inherent simplicity, straight lines and loose weaves with a nod to the mainly hot weather; a clutch of racks displaying clothes that celebrate the wearer by giving her the freedom to pair. separates as desired.

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Chapter 2 bridges two distinct worlds. The world of fashion as we knew it private, individualistic and minimal – with the consumerism that’s de rigueur for a successful fashion label today. The store opened its doors to the public in an exclusive showcase which was designed to wow the senses. Rack after rack of indigenous craft was transformed into urban fashion. It was the day a new way of dressing was introduced to the gawping public; the fabric very traditional in essence paired with cuts that would make a wearer feel feminine and confident. Entering the store is in itself a journey of discovery, from the visually stunning digital wall projecting images that define the unique Chapter 2 ethos to the geometrical display stands, it is the desire for the linear and the monochromatic that will draw in the consumer.

Comprising of pure hand-woven and hand-crafted textiles; this brand is steeped in a minimalistic approach towards design. Chapter 2 promises to be a refreshing visual treat. Imagine a contemporary take on traditional hand woven fabrics; preserving the art of indigenous hand weaving skill for three generations through high contrast progression of colour and composition. Constant and stringent quality control, working with trusted craftsmen generation after generation, preserving the age old crafts through the years, now results in the wondrous contemporary line called Chapter 2.

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