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Pond’s Miracle Journey concludes two day workshop

Pond’s, a leading skincare brand, known for the “Pond’s Miracle Journey” formerly underwent an exclusive meet-and-greet in Karachi.
Over a span of three years, the Pond’s Miracle Journey has celebrated over 300 women in the fields of health, social activism, entrepreneurship, beauty, professional training and education. These women achieved exemplary success and displayed openness and leadership skills: whilst defying society and all odds. This year Pond’s Miracle Journey aims to leverage the strength of the past honorees to enable the younger girls via a Mentorship program which allows one-on-one interaction between the younger mentees and industry leading women. The Pond’s Miracle Journey Mentorship Programme is designed for women to turn struggles into success; develop work-life balance and learn from some of Pakistan’s trailblazing women.

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