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#QHSA17 – Who ruled the red-carpet and who failed to impress

Better late than never – is what our celebrities follow religiously when it comes to attend an event and they must watch and learn from Saba Qamar’s breathtaking opening act.

Like last year, Hum Style Awards were as fabulous as ever. Though this year the foyer area was larger and more spacious but still a little mismanaged. Maybe because of selfie lovers? Umm!

Of course, if the ‘stars’ show up late, then how can the show start on time – the front seats have to be filled. The retro theme was a great idea but we wonder why our celebs didn’t follow it? But nonetheless, few of them looked amazing and few didn’t manage to impress at all.

Best Dressed Celebrities:

Saheefa Jabbar Khattak

saheefa jabbar khattak

Shahzad Raza

shahzad riaz

Madiha Imam

madiha imam

Sadaf Kanwal

sadaf kanwal

Anam Malik

anam malik

Nabila Maqsood

nabila maqsood

Hira Shah

hira shah

Omer Shahzad

omer shahzad

Amna Ilyas

amna ilyas

Vaneeza Ahmed

vaneeza ahmed

Sonya Hussayn

sonya hussayn

Feroze Khan

feroze khan

Adnan Malik

adnan malik

Hareem Farooq

hareem farooq

Hamza Ali Abbasi

hamza ali abbasi

Worst Dressed Celebrities:

Bushra Ansari

bushra ansari

Syra Shehroz

syra yousuf

Hasnain Lehri

hasnain lehri

Ainy Jafri

ainy jafri

Aisha Gul

aisha gul

Hassan Riaz

hasan riaz

Bilal Abbas

bilal abbas

Yasir Shah

yasir shah

Ghana Ali

ghana ali

Hania Amir

hania amir

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