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4 foundation mistakes that damages your skin!

Do you use foundation? Here are few mistakes that people usually end up doing when applying foundation. Make sure you don’t do it, it can damage your skin immensely.


  1. You’re not using a primer- a primer acts as a barrier between your skin and foundation. It prevents your skin from absorbing toxins from the foundation.
  2. Using an expired foundation- Every beauty product has its own expiry date, a foundation usually lasts for about 12-18 months. Using an expired one can cause infections and breakouts.
  3. You are using dirty makeup/sponges– You should wash your makeup tools once a week to prevent dirt from running your skin.
  4. You might be using too much powder over the foundation– This is especially for those with oily skin. Using excessive powder can clog your pores and make your base look caked, leading to acne and irritated skin.

Hope this helps and works for you!

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