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5 Low-Key and Undiscovered Places in Karachi

Bond Street Waffles in DMC

Dolmen City Mall (Clifton) is flocked by passionate shopaholics and families all year round. Trying to find a table in the food court over the weekends can be an ultimate disaster. There are some closed-off restaurants in the mall like Zaoq and Esquires but they don’t account to much if you want to take a quick break from shopping and have a private conversation over something sweet.

For a girls’ shopping spree, the best way to unwind and share inside scoops would be over a scoop of ice cream over waffles at Bond Street. This place is usually very deserted and makes for a great spot for conversations in a no-eavesdropping-zone.

Thrift Stores in Zamzama and Teen Talwar

If you were always resentful about not have a benevolent ‘aunt’ in the US who’d send you Forever 21 and American Eagle outfits, join the club. There are two shops in Zamzama (right in front of Pie in the Sky) and a plethora of shops near Teen Talwar, that sell a lot of Forever 21 and other international brands in Pakistan. Depending on how you feel about wearing someone else’s clothes (after a vigorous dry cleaning of course), this could be your only hope unless your aunt appears out of nowhere and plays fairy godmother. Oh wait, didn’t Forever 21 go bankrupt?

Asia Live at Avari Towers

The oddest part about Asia Live making it to this list is that it has been around forever but for some strange reason, it just doesn’t catch up. This place is a delight among the breakfast/brunch buffet choices because it’s large windows overlook the pool and it usually has an impressive array of breakfast items. Having that said, we are not swearing by their lunch/dinner buffets or a la carte.. just plain ol’ breakfast.

The Snug Coffee Area at Springs (Bukhari)

Springs has always been in the good books of those who like to shop in peace and can’t stand too much passion exuding from the passersby (well hello Imtiaz Supermarket). It went up a notch by introducing an entire floor devoted to espresso, desserts, coffee and children’s books. What a wonderful idea, isn’t it?

Another benevolent place that has a space for you to take a break and grab something to eat while you do your exhaustive monthly groceries is Milestone Supermarket.

Côte Rôtie

This restaurant has shenanigans beyond any other. First of all, it is inside Alliance de Francais – a French cultural center with art galleries, a courtyard, a library, classrooms and all things French. Once you’re inside, you’ll realize that the restaurant is in close proximity to the beautiful jogging track and garden area. The menu is like none other. Based loosely on French cuisine, it has some some spectacular options for ‘bread and breakfast’. The menu includes basics like sandwiches, pizza and burger, perhaps for those who aren’t risk-takers. The options in pasta are pretty varied and intriguing. Oh by the way, their pizza is under appetizers….

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