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5 sleek bun inspo perfect for Summer time festivities

The Summer is at its peak and it gets difficult to manage to pull off the perfect hairstyle look you desire to achieve for different occasions. I’m sure the ladies will perfectly relate to the tough decision making situations when it comes to hairstyling. Whether to release them open or tie them up or somewhere in between? Gets frustrating, isn’t it?

The best suitable hack for styling your hair in summers is to try different buns styled in a creative way to pair up with your basic to glam outfits. Buns can be styled with every outfit and look or set the best in every weather or season type plus it also changes the looks from traditional to western.

Here are some sleek bun types to Style every look choose.

  1. The Braided Bun

This style is perfect to pair up with glam or heavy outfits. Trust me, it is the easiest to make. All that you have to do is make a loose braid and turn the tail inwards from the starting knot of the braid. And it’s done!

  1. High rise Knot

For this, you have to make hi-rise ponytail and just twist it up a knot and protect it with a scrunchie. Use water r hair spray to set back the baby hair to get the fine look on fleek.

  1. Sophisticated Low loose Bun

Part your hair from the center and grab the rest to make a low fallen pony. Pull the pony hair inwards from the center at where it is tightly supported with a rubber band in an overlapping motion.  Pin the loose hair inside to make a loose knot bun. The look will seem trendy and traditional.

  1. Man Bun

Man Buns are of the trendy hairstyles to pair up with street style yet basic every day, daytime outfits.  Styling it doesn’t take much time all you have to do is tie half of your hair in a pony and set the knot using another rubber band that’s it. Leave the rest open you can either straighten them up or give them beach waves look.

  1. Dutch braid bun

Tie two dutch braids tightly parting your hair from the center. Once the two braids are done tie both together and twist them in a single knot. And that is all that you got to do to pull this hairstyle off. Simple isn’t it?

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