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6 Easy tricks to get shiny hair

Everyone wants locks that glisten with light. No matter what your hair texture is, you can have healthy-looking hair by following a few shiny hair secrets.

Rinse with cold water

Perhaps you’ve heard that cold water helps constrict pores. Well, it has a similar effect on your hair. Cold water seals and smooths the hair cuticle, locking in moisture and adding shine. After using shampoo and conditioner, finish with a blast of cold water. When it comes to cleansing your coif, are you sure you’re doing everything right? These are washing mistakes you didn’t realize you’re making.

Minimize heat styling

Heat styling can wear away hair’s cuticles, so it becomes dry, frizzy, and breakage-prone. Give your blow-dryer and flat iron a rest in favor of air-drying, at least a day or two a week.

Invest in an ionic blow-dryer

Of course, there will be occasions when you want a bouncy blowout. So it’s important to invest in the right type of tool—specifically an ionic blow-dryer, which dries the hair faster than alternatives and helps reduce static.

Opt for protective products

When it comes to heat-styling, you already know that protecting your tresses is a must. But what you might not realize is that pollution and UV rays also damage hair. The right formula can shield against heat and environmental damage.

Shampoo less frequently

You’ve certainly heard this before, but it bears repeating… stylists are begging you to stop shampooing your hair every day. Washing less actually preserves shine by allowing natural oils to do their job, according to Francis. Try to limit cleansing to two or three times a week—and use a shampoo formulated for your specific hair type.

Brush daily

While you don’t need to brush your strands 100 times, brush daily. Brushing pulls natural oils from the scalp down into the hair, which acts as a natural moisturizer.  Be sure to choose a brush with natural or boar bristles, which are a gentler and less damaging alternative to metal and synthetic.

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