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6 Fall lipstick shades that will look good in all your selfies!

Even if you’re not a fan of fall, you have to admit that the one perk you can’t resist is the rise of the vampy fall lip. It means eagerly bringing back the smokey eyeshadow and complementing it with a sultry shade of lipstick that’s reminiscent of your favorite Cabernet or better yet, your favorite color, black. There’s something about wearing lipstick at all that makes anyone feel like an 11/10. And when it’s in a dark shade, you all of a sudden feel like you could very well be the next Rihanna. Am I right, or am I right, ladies? Each year, there’s a plethora of shades we must get our hands on before they sell out at Sephora. I guarantee you, any color you’re even slightly attracted to will probs sell out faster than you can say, “basic.” This season is obviously no different, so thanks to yours truly, here are 6 must-have fall lipstick shades you need to shop for rn.

1. Brown

While some may be so bold as to actually wear black lipstick, others may stick to similar dark fall lipstick shades that aren’t so goth. A huge hit is always a brown. Preferably one that is dark enough to contrast your highlight, but still light enough where you can’t pass for like, Wednesday Addams.

2. Wine

Once you find the perfect sexual wine lipstick, you’ll never choose anything else again. This chic color is red’s sexier, more badass twin that elevates literally any look. Leggings and a hoodie? Add a bit of this and you can definitely hit up happy hour in comfort and with confidence.

3. Burnt Orange

Burnt orange is honestly my favorite color when fall rolls around. It’s neutral, dark, but not too dark, and looks amazing on everyone regardless of their skin tone. Adding this warm glow to your lips is def a must during the colder time of the year. It’ll bring out your natural tone, fading summer tan, and looks subtle enough where you won’t look like a try-hard.

4. Plum

Plum is the Queen Bee of vampy shades. Point blank. It’s v chic, incredibly trendy, and perfectly shows everyone how dead you are inside. Isn’t that the whole reason why we wear these colors anyway?

5. Bright Red

Despite this not being a dark color, candy apple red is one of the very few exceptions to the vampy shade rule. When all you ever feel like wearing is black, which is basically all of the time, you can simply coat your lips in a bright matte to warm up your outfit and effortlessly add some color (for once) so no one can dare call you depressing.

6. Rose Taupe

This one, I admit, is an oddball, but the trends don’t lie. For those of you not yet wanting to let summer go, you can easily transition into the next few months with a nude shade that’s a bit on the darker end of the spectrum. A peachy taupe will be your next obsession for wanting to add a final touch before you head out the door.

So have you decided your fall lip color yet?


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