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90’s vintage trends which you can still rock

90’s fashion has always remain cool and vibrant. There are many trends which become old and then the cycle continues and before we know it, it’s back again with the new depiction. 90s fashion have always been considered trendy and groovy.

Plaid trend

The plaids are known to be the choice of hipsters mostly. Whether it is a plaid flannel shirt or plaid pants. You can style it as you want. You can carry the plaid shirt with skinny jeans and white sneakers. It can be the most comforting and satisfying cloth you could wear. 

Flared jeans

These pants were in style long before anyone was even familiar with the skinny jeans. Flared pants were lively and wanted in the 90’s. You can wear it on a casual day and also on occasions with button down shirts. 

Floral printed shirts 

These floral shirts give straight up retro feels. Floral prints have been in since way back. There are so many vibrant floral printed shirts you can style with skinny jeans or flared jeans its up to you. 


Stripes feels like as if it’s a never ending trend. Whether it’s stripes t-shirts, shirts, pants or even a dress. The 90’s stripes clothes mostly embraced pastel and neon colors. But now stripes comes in every color and looks pretty trendy. Since skinny jeans goes with everything, you can style stripes shirts with it as well. 


We all are familiar with the overalls as at some point we all wore these. In the 90’s it was highly in fashion and admired by everyone. Overalls are pretty comfortable and you can wear it on a casual day as well. If you want to rock this look, try to style with either white shirt or balloon sleeves shirt or it would look good with a simple black t-shirt too. 

The art of wearing 90’s fashion trends is to give it a style of your own. Wear the 90’s clothes but make it trendy in a modern way. So when you wear it, it would look like a fusion of 90s and your own creativity. 

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