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Accessorise away!!

You have the perfect outfit in mind, you’re all dolled up, from head to toe but something feels incomplete. Yes, accessories!! I believe without some jewelry be it a hairband, a hair clip, some earrings,  bracelet, your final look doesn’t seem that appealing to you or someone else.

Accessories are like the cherry on top, the perfect final you have been looking for!

Here are a few of my favorite accessories that help me in every or any kind of look I create while heading out to fancy dinner or an early brunch!

  1. Hoops

For me hoops are a lifesaver, wherever you’re going, wear a pair of hoops, any size, small, medium, large, they will always give that wow effect to your outfit!


  1. Watch

This is your basic everyday need, a watch on your wrist makes any outfit looks trendy and classy and so chic!


  1. Locket

A cute pendant on your neck can never go wrong with any look, be it a small pearl necklace or a plain silver or gold chain, goes perfectly!


Accessories, never forget! I hope this helps your whole outfit look 100 times better than usual!!

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