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According to new research surrounding yourself with flowers can reduce pain

Nature is no doubt the best healer, and its one of the best gifts from God to us. One of the nature’s gift is flower, we are surrounded by many species of flowers and it not just beautify.

You may think i am joking, but there are more to flowers than just a sweet smell and good looks, they can have some seriously positive effects on our health, too. yes.

According to a study performed in the U.S, they performed a test to see if plants have therapeutic influences on surgical patients. Patients were split into rooms either with plants or without plants, so they can see the results.

So the observation showed, those patients exposed to flowers had lower blood pressure and heart rate, lower ratings of pain, anxiety, and fatigue, and more positive feelings and higher satisfaction than the patients without foliage. The findings from this research actually suggests that flowers should be “complementary medicine” for recovering patients.

And its not just patients, study says that, bouquets of flowers can actually also make us feel less stressed out, keeps your mind fresh and mood easy breezy. It also helps in better sleep and emotional health, memory.

So start surrounding your self with flowers and take benefits from mother nature .

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