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Back to 90s!!

Fashion is something that defines you. Whatever is trending with some of your personal touches is what makes a fashion statement. We all love 90’s fashion from denim jumpsuits to cargo pants and it’s all back. Here are 5 trends from the 90s that I love.

1. Cat-eye sunglasses

Sunglasses have always been a major fashion statement. These cat-eye sunglasses were trendy back in the 90s and people also paired it with headscarves and high-necks. Here Gigi paired these red frame sunglasses with a black tee and red folded coat. These sunglasses go with both casual and formal looks.




2. Addidas slides

These casual wear slides are one of the most followed fashion trends. Back then in the 90s, people used to love pairing it with jeans, jumpsuits, etc. This goes with anything from western to eastern casual clothes like Kurtis. Here Khloé Kardashian paired it with black tights and blacktop.




3. Highwaisted jeans

High waisted jeans were very famous back in time. However, they did disappear for a period but then again revived as a fashion that never dies. This kind of jeans looks good with all kinds of short sized shirts like crop tops, tees, tank tops, etc. It does not only give a classy look but also a very style maintained pretty look giving a sharp edge to your overall look.





4. Scrunchies

Scrunchies were a high fashion statement in the ’90s all over the world. Now it’s back in fashion, you can carry it I’m multiple ways like a tight bun to hightail pony even can use it as an accessory wearing it in your hand.





5. Bandanas

Bandanas are one of those fashion trends which you can carry in multiple ways and this 90s trend is back in fashion now. You can carry it as a headscarf or scarf, hairband, etc. This goes with everything from tops, tees, leather jackets, and dresses as well.

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