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Bacteria is not bad for skin!

We know that there are two kinds of bacteria. Some are the ones that harm our bodies while others and beneficial. Similarly, some bacteria that live on our skin are bad while others are good for our skin. You heard it right!

Several companies are making beauty products by using the bacteria, fungi, and viruses which protect and make our skin glow. A skincare expert Renée Rouleau claimed that in the near future, these beauty products will be everywhere because these products are effective as compared to chemical and herbal products.

The bacteria used in beauty products preserve our skin from any agent that can be harmful to the skin. It not only kills the harmful microbes but it also neutralises their chemistry.

A skincare product called Kinko is based on this technology. It is a balancing deodorant and prevents irritation on the skin. These beauty products also benefit in medical treatments and are recommended by skin specialists.

Another feature of skincare product made by using bacteria is that these products keep the skin hydrated. So, if your skin is dry and you are worried about it, you should give it a chance.

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