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Books have the Power to Transform You

Books can be your best friend. When you read, you enter into another world and you see your world in a totally different way. If you feel alone and you read, you can find the characters and story relatable that puts an end to your loneliness.

When you read novels, your imagination starts to flourish. Books can become your confidence. You live many different lives, past and the future, that is the beauty of it.

There are so many books that everyone must read. One is, A Thousands Splendid Suns. This book can tell you how you can live your life in solitaire but in the end, you can always find a friend. It teaches you humans are capable of enduring so much yet they keep on living through wars, heartbreaks, loss.

Another book is, A House Without Windows. This book is all about, How a woman has to face the hardships of the world. The affliction those women experienced in this book can relate to all the women in the world who suffer in silence.

When Breath Becomes Air, can teach you that how you can conquer the world but in the end, it is the little things that matter in life the most. It tells that you should look at things differently.

To Killing A Mockingbird tells that how flawed this world is and we should always stand up for what is right.

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view … Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.”

When you read, you get connected to the pages, you can feel each and every word speaking to you. Books can change you. The lessons you learn from books can help you become a stronger and sensible person. Your perception about a lot things change. You learn about new places and you make a connection with the characters. You live their lives. Books can make up for all the people you have felt that are not here. They can inspire you to become better.

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