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Common makeup blunders to avoid

To achieve the desired finished look, one must avoid making makeup mistakes.These are some blunders we all make while doing our makeup, here’s how to avoid them:

  1. Not using a primer

Primer acts as a base for face makeup which allows it to go on smoother and last longer. A primer is one of the most amazing creations in the makeup world. It makes application of products like foundation and concealer so easy.

Image result for primer with and without

2. Applying Eye shadow after foundation

Apply eye shadow before applying foundation so that you can go back and correct any mistake you do. You can wipe the fallen eye shadow easily without worrying about anything.

3. Blush before Bronzer

Bronzer should be applied first so that you know to contour. then you’ll know where to apply blush and where to highlight.


4. Eye shadow before Eyebrows

We all usually do our eye shadow before doing our eyebrows. Instead we should do our eyebrows before applying eye shadow so that the structure of the eye lid is clear and it’ll be easy to judge how much mascara is needed.


Image result for eye brows before eye shadow


5. Applying lipstick without moisturizing lips


One must apply a bit of moisturizer to the lips before putting on lipstick to avoid it from looking cracked.

6. Filling your brows with a dark color

Take a light shade to fill in your brows to make it look natural.

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