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Confessions of a hairstylist on weird client demands all lined up

*The Hair Prayer*

“And now I lay my hair to sleep,

I pray my style to bed will keep.

If my new look withers and dies…

Please call my stylist before I rise.”

Your hairstylist spends a good 3-4 hours on your hair and they deserve all the credit of transforming your look, but have you ever had the chance of going through what actually clients demand nowadays? Well, we have a list of weird confessions from different hairstylists who have gone through the horror of working in some demanding conditions.

  1. “I had my color done two months ago and now it has gone to the roots, can you fix that for free, since it didn’t stay…”
  2. “Can we do my hair red, but without any red?”
  3. “I want my haircut EXACTLY like the one in that picture, only I don’t want the part there and I want it longer on the sides. Oh, and can you layer it differently, and I don’t like the bangs. I also want it more of a wash and go style. And I am in a hurry so can we do it in 22 mins?”
  4. “I want my hair to look like it has highlights… but I don’t want highlights!”
  5. “I was looking over your charges and I saw what you charge for a full highlight and a partial highlight but what if I only want like two and a half or three?”


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