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Critics to Cosmetic – Makeup or No Makeup

We do believe that make is the game changer not only for women but for man as well. However power of social life is creating huge differences in people life. The question is surprisingly fraught, but the answer is simple. The women, celebrities like Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone, were, they believed, not wearing makeup. “Kylie Jenner looks so much better without makeup.

The brave things are happening, people started understanding the fact that makeup is another layr to hide of your reality. In light of this, it’s not surprising that it became news earlier this year when the singer Alicia Keys declared she would abstain from makeup, declining to wear it even at public events or on television.

This young lady Alica Keys profoun the comfort in its  its own sort of discipline. On one of the the beauty websites Into the Gloss, her makeup artist described the many rituals and products that go into her new look: acupuncture, exercise, a healthy diet. Facials, lip treatments, sprays and oils. She began to wear a full face of makeup in middle school, as a gesture of defeat, attempting to obscure hormonal breakouts, asymmetrical features, eyebrows that were too bushy and lips that were too big. As she got older, she spent less time searching for pigmented powders to cover my face, and more time searching for concoctions to strengthen or improve it.

Let’s not cover the spark of your natural beauty into the dark side of makeup industry.The irony, naturally, is that clean, clear skin is the ideal base for makeup.

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