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DIY acne treatments that actually works

Getting rid of a pimple or scar is real struggle these days and market for skin treatment products is massive to select from.

So if you don’t want to spends thousand on beauty products, and treat your self by home made remedies, believe me its a good idea.

Before the existence of these products, in old time people used remedies for treatments and skin rituals. Even dermatologist agrees that home made remedies are far better then chemical mixed products you use on your skin.

So here are some DIY remedies for acne treatment.

1: Ice cube: Yes, ice cube  is one of the most effective ways to stop any pimple or cystic acne from growing on your face, it will help in reducing swelling and reduce its appearance.

2: Tea Tree oil: Dab some tea tree oil on cotton and apply on your acne or scar, it will do magic and brings down redness and inflammation within a hour after application. It will also reduce bacteria on your skin.

3: Apple cider vinegar: Put it on a Q-tip, let the Q-tip run under water to dilute, and then apply it to your acne.

4: Aspirin Mask: Crush up an aspirin tablet, and mix it with water to make a paste. Then, apply it directly to a cystic pimple. It will help calm inflammation and pain.

5: Clay Mask: Mix Clay with rose water or apple cider vinegar, apply it directly to your acne or cystic pimple and it will shrink down its appearance and shrink out puss. Apply it weekly if you want to get clear skin.

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