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DIY Wall Painting

Painters these days are so expensive and getting them to work consistently is a huge task because either they are not regular or punctual or sometimes they also don’t do the work how you want it done.

Sometimes you have an idea and a thought in your mind which you want and think should be out there on the wall and it can’t be explained. Isn’t it better that you do it yourself?

There are different easy ideas that you can take help from and do it within a day!



Number 01: The turquoise mermaid

All you need is one bucket of turquoise coloured paint with white paint. A basic ombre shade will appear when you start from below and start mixing white as you move up on the wall. A very beautiful shades of two will be formed which will go classic with any furniture you add to it!








Number 02: Pastel rectangles

You can go with pastel shades of paint and start drawing random rectangles over the wall. It might look very ugly at start but the final result can leave you in awe. The neatness and direct shades of rectangles will be nothing but elegance dropping down.








Number 03: All shades of orange

Who else love orange except me? I think orange makes everything perfect because it makes everything so full of colours that everything around you gets exciting. Ever thought of an idea how you can get all shades of orange in one painting? It’s very easy! All you are required to have is a bucket of orange paint, tapes, and white paint. Spread out the tape in a vertical rectangular design and make random lines on it in every direction. Later on without moving the tape, start filling in the boxes with paint and make sure an orange ombre is formed by adding white into it after starting from a darker shade of orange. This will later on turn out to be the best painting in your house and I promise you won’t be able to take your eyes off it!




There are so many different ideas that you can utilise to make a breathtaking wall painting which will look like a masterpiece if you start using tapes and make sure you add white! Lets try?

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