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Does showering with hot water cause hair loss?

You have had a long day at work, and it is anyway too hot outside so you have been sweating all day. The second you reach home, all you want to do is get into the shower.  Some people enjoy a hot shower because it feels way more relaxing than a cold one. However, even when everyone is aware of its relaxing benefits, people advice against the use of hot water on the skin or the hair.

Most medical professionals, dermatologists, etc. recommend the use of lukewarm water to wash your body and your hair. They strictly advise against the use of very hot or warm water to be used on the skin and hair, and they definitely have reasons for the same. Hot water makes your hair strands porous. This means that they are more open to the elements rather than being tightly sealed. Overly porous hair is dry, brittle, and much more prone to breakage.

Hot water won’t directly cause hair loss, but it can directly affect the health of your scalp. Usually it’s a temporary inflammation, but if you continuously forget to cold water rinse after a hot shower, your weaker strands may start breaking off.

There’s no question which water temperature is good for hair — it’s both of them. Hot water cleans, cold water seals cuticles and soothes.

So, is hot water good for your hair? No, but it’s not so bad either. It’s all about keeping a balance. Wash and condition your hair with warm water, rather than scalding hot. Even if you love that feeling of hot water on your head, it’s not worth burning or damaging your scalp, or drying up your hair.

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