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FHM’s Guide: How to Dress for a Job Interview and Rock the Look!

Anxiety, anxiety, anxiety!

The anxiety prior to a job interview is inexplicable. No amount of those abc-prams can assuage the anxiety of not being prepared for an interview that can either get you the job of your dreams or send you back home with the infamous, “we will let you know.”

You’ll find yourself contemplating a myriad of thoughts; and one of them will be: HOW TO DRESS FOR A JOB INTERVIEW. And not overdo it, of course.

According to Jobvite 2017 Recruiting Funnel Benchmark Report, only one in six short-listed candidates land first interviews.

FHM will walk you through the process and get you interview ready in no time.


Don’t digress: focus on getting the job

This is pivotal to preparing for an interview. Please don’t deviate from it. Don’t let the jitters of the prospective interview distract you from getting the job that you’re, in effect, interviewing for.

You’ll instantly feel more upbeat when you reiterate the fact that you are focusing on getting the job, not getting done with the interview. Bob Proctor, author of You Were Born Rich, quotes, “the only limits in our life are those we impose on ourselves.”

Once you’ve ascertained that getting the job is your actual goal, it is crucial that you stay positive. Fearing a negative outcome or experience can jeopardize your chances of getting the job and even preparing for your interview.

Research, research!

This is where your research on the company will pay off. The first thing you ought to understand is that every industry and even more so, every company has a different working culture. You need to determine what kind of a company you’re going to be stepping into. It is better to do exhaustive research on this one, if you feel you haven’t carried it out in this context, before even thinking of rummaging your closet.

Interview Tip: Make use of social media networking handles like Facebook and Instagram to try and find pictures from company events that will give you a good idea of the dressing code.

Now that you’ve determined or at least understood the dressing culture, discern whether it is strictly corporate formal OR business casual.

Corporate Formal

Dress: It is advisable, for men and women, to wear a crisp and well-fitted suit in a solid color such as black, grey or navy blue. Women can wear a button down shirt with formal pants or a kameez with cigarette pants. Stay away from shalwar or wide-legged pants, prints and bright colors.

Shoes: Men should wear the conservative and classic Oxford to eschew a ‘corporate fashion faux pas’ and women should stick to their classic black or nude pumps and formal-esque sandals.

Accessories: You can accessorize with a basic watch, in a neutral color, on your left wrist but that’s about the only accessory you should be carrying apart from your briefcase. This applies to men and women.

Briefcase/bag: Carrying a briefcase is your best bet, however, women can carry a plain messenger bag with western business formal. If they choose to wear eastern, any bag in a basic color would do, as long as there are no embellishments on it.

Business Casual

A business casual attire will completely depend on your findings as every company has its own set of norms. Men should stick to polo shirts and loafers and steer clear from sandals or accessorizing. Women should follow the same rule about accessorizing and will find it in their best interest to stay away from denim.

You should bear in mind that even after exhaustive preparations, sometimes things don’t go as planned.. Make sure you don’t let small and temporary glitches ruin your potential job offer.

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