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Find yourself a ‘signature style’!

Go With Your Gut

Your look isn’t going to become a signature style overnight; it takes several outings, which is far less likely if it’s one you don’t actually like. “A lot of it’s about experimentation,”

Take Inspiration From The Greats

There are few style moves that haven’t been attempted before, which means finding your own can be as simple as playing follow the leader. “Look at men who look like you and base it on that,”

Know What Works For You

One of the best things about a signature style is that you only need to figure out how a handful of clothes should fit. Just make sure you spend enough time getting them absolutely perfect. “A signature style should suit you and it should physically work for your body shape,”

Buy In Bulk

Once you’ve found your brands, go deep. Signature pieces are going to get a lot of wear, and you’re going to kick yourself when the T-shirt that defines your look gets discontinued.

Start Small

Financially, you’re going to regret buying three bespoke suits if you then decide that tailoring isn’t the look for you. So while you’re still figuring out your signature, experiment at the affordable end.

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