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Here are beauty rules you can easily break

Tired of following beauty rules in your everyday routine?

Well we guess its time to say goodbye to some of them. Everyone’s probably heard a list of DO’s and DON’TS for makeup, hair, skincare but now its time we break them.

Here are some beauty rules you can easily break:

#1 Don’t Wash your hair daily: Forget what others say. Use a dry shampoo on days you don’t wash your hair, but if you feel your scalp is oily and smells, wash your hair but don’t forget to add some moisture into them.

Apply serum or spray so moisture is there.

#2 Use lipliner before applying:  Its 2019 products are used for multiple-purposes, so if you want to line your lips or fill them its your choice, or want to have the same shade eyeliner as lipstick apply it as eyeliner, choice is yours.

Use lipstick as blushes if you want, Opt for centre filling your lips and adding gloss for giving it a fulluer look.

#3 Only curl your lashes before applying mascara: We are tired of following the same of old trends. Beauty community has done so much progress and so as beauty culture, so it doesn’t matter if you apply mascara first and curl them next.

Its your choice do what you like and uplifts your look. I personally curl after so, choice is yours.

#4 Use brushes to apply makeup: listen you all i am not a makeup artist nor i am Sephora queen. But one thing i know for sure is too many brushes can only create a mess and confusion in your life.

So the best and easiest way to apply your makeup is by you hands. Fingers for different works. And it gives the best coverage i promise you that. So instead of spending on brushes use your hands.


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