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Here’s how you can master the 90’s makeup trend!

Everything old is new again. ‘90s clothing has made a full-fledged return to our wardrobes and now the classic ’90s makeup trends are vying for another run at our cosmetic bags. The colour extravaganza of blue eye shadow, burgundy lipstick and the unforgettable glitter have all crept back into beauty looks from the runway to the street. Toned down and injected with added sophistication, these makeup trends are modernized to fit right into this new era.

Banishing the minimal, barely-there makeup trends of previous seasons, this ’90s revival puts the fun back into creating a whole look. Beauty has become bold once again and is ready to make people sit up and notice. Grunge eyeliner returns with an attitude-filled update to the smokey eye while even the humble French manicure sees a return to power in a new way.

Embrace the ’90s and be daring with your makeup once again.

90’s Blue Eye-shadow

The frosted blue eyeshadow which was worn by everyone in the ‘90s may be a trend which you would rather forget. Looking back at old photos it does indeed seem to be one better left in the past, doesn’t it? Well maybe not. With the right update, the beauty industry has flawlessly brought back this once cringe-worthy trend.

90’s Glitter

Remember that explosion of glitter on the ’90s makeup scene? It’s hard to forget the sparkle and shine that covered everything from eyelids to lips, hair and nails. And what about that incredibly fun product – the body glitter? Well if you’ve been missing this lighter more playful side of makeup then you’re in luck because glitter is back.

90’s Burgundy Lipstick

Look back on any photos from the ‘90s and you’re bound to spot someone sporting a burgundy lipstick. The dark berry hue with a slight tint of brown was without a doubt the most popular lip colour of the decade. It was worn by countless ’90s celebrities and dramatically finished off many otherwise completely natural looks. Today, burgundy lips are back.

90’s French Manicure

The quintessential ‘90s manicure had to be the French tip. With a nude or pale pink base and a crescent of white on the ends, this trend simply enhanced the natural look of your nails. Playing on the minimalist styling of the ‘90s, it was simple yet sophisticated. But what was once simple and sophisticated now feels out of date and old-fashioned.

Today the French manicure is back, but not as you knew it. Today’s update turns this trend on its head. With lighter base colors and darker colors on the crescent, the new French tip has been reversed to up its style cred. Not so natural looking anymore, this update turns a classic into something creative.

90’s Grunge Eyeliner

It’s time to get your kohl pencil and smudge brush out because grunge eyeliner is back. The heavy-handed trend has made its way from the ’90s to 2018 and brought with it a whole lot of attitude. Messy, thick and carrying that slept-in look, the modern grunge eyeliner is like the smokey eye’s rebellious sibling. Whether you prefer a complete racoon look, such as Marc Jacobs, or something a little more subtle, like Elie Saab, this trend is so easy to create.

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