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How I select a watch for myself?

The first time I had to choose a wristwatch for myself was quite a challenging time. I knew nothing about the specifications and material of watches. Now that I know about watches, I want to suggest some tips that will help you in selecting the best watch you.

  1. Select the Type

First of all, it all depends on yourself o decide what type of watch you want. It depends on your routine, nature of your work, and your wardrobe whether you would prefer a sports watch, casual watch, or a fashion watch. You should select one according to your need.





  1. Select the type of Dial

Secondly, you need to focus on the type of dial. Round dials are commonly used but you can select triangular or rectangular watches as well. However, you should prefer watches with stainless steel and rubber strap as these watches can be worn on multiple types of occasions.




  1. Select the colour of watch

Thirdly, you should always select the colour of you to watch according to your skin tone. If your skin colour is fairer, you can go for any colour. But if your skin colour is not very fair, you should choose strong colours.

You need to consider these tips before buying any watch.

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