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In a hurry? Here’s how to dry your hair faster

When it comes to things we’d rather be doing than drying our hair, the list is vast and long. Wake up, shower, and deal with drying your hair one way or another— it’s a never-ending, mundane cycle. The age-old joke of “I can’t, I have to wash my hair” may be a big tease about not wanting to go somewhere, but the truth of the matter is the entire process of washing and then blow-drying hair really is time-consuming!

To help ease the monotony, we’re sharing eight smart tricks that will speed up your drying time dare we say even cut it in half. And for those of us with thick, long, or curly hair, it literally requires scheduling into your day.

Say Goodbye to Your Towel

A paper towel absorbs tons (tons!) of water from your hair way more than your towel. Plus, blotting your hair between paper towels, versus rubbing or squeezing it with your towel, is much better for those fragile, wet strands.

Get Out of Dodge

Drying your hair in the humid room where you just showered is counterintuitive at best. Instead, take your dryer and go out of the bathroom so you’re not fighting against the dampness in the air!

Use the Right Tools

Make sure your hair dryer has at least 1,800 watts, because anything less than that simply isn’t going to do a good enough–or fast enough!–job. We’re obsessed with the Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer.

Use Your Time Wisely

Trying to dry soaking-wet hair is simply going to take time. Instead of immediately drying your hair once you get out of the shower, do other things first, like getting dressed and putting on your makeup.

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