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Instagram star teaches women how to date billionaires!

An Instagram star who teaches other women how to date billionaires has revealed how she’s maintained her affluent lifestyle through ‘the men she’s been with.’

Anna Bey, 32 – who also goes by the moniker JetSetBabe – explained how she transformed her looks in order to be accepted into high society, including undergoing a nose job.

She said women ‘shouldn’t be judged’ for living off their rich husbands, but added that she wasn’t a fan of the word ‘gold-digger’.

However, the London-based blogger, who is dating a banker, added that she would struggle to be with a man who wasn’t wealthy, commenting: ‘I do prioritise a comfortable lifestyle’.

Anna, who runs the blog JetSetBabe and an online finishing school called School Affluence, teaches women to how to enter high society and date billionaires.

She explained how she became hooked on the jet-set lifestyle after leaving Sweden at the age of 18, and meeting a wealthy man in Italy.

‘He introduced me to this affluent lifestyle of his. Once you’ve tried a luxurious lifestyle, it’s hard to go back,’ Anna explained.

‘I’ve managed to maintain this luxurious lifestyle through the men I’ve been with – and I’m not ashamed that.’

Anna explained how she had transformed her looks in order to fit into high society, including undergoing cosmetic surgery.

‘You need to be on the level of the high society. There are unwritten rules we have to adopt,’ she said.

‘This usually means you have to transform yourself, your looks, your behaviour. I’ve lost weight  I’ve lost about 15kg.

‘I’ve done a nose jobs, I have fillers in my cheekbones.’

She added: ‘Many [rich men] want a high-caliber women. We have to be honest with the fact we live in a very superficial world.’

Anna added that she believes there’s nothing wrong with women living off their wealthy husband, although she doesn’t like the word gold-digger.

 ‘The women should have a choice – whether she would work to not,’ she said. ‘I don’t think [working] should be forced upon women in high society. I don’t think women should be judged if they’re not working.’

However, she insisted that she teaches women that come to her to be independent in case their relationship ends, commenting: ‘I teach them to be clever, to have savings, to have education, work experience.’

While Anna admits that the jet-set lifestyle isn’t for everyone, she added that she doesn’t believe she could date someone who isn’t wealthy.

‘I don’t think everybody has to do this. I’m speaking to a particular type of women who wants to upgrade her lifestyle,’ she said.

‘I don’t think I could [date someone who isn’t wealthy]. I do priortise a comfortable lifestyle, as well as love.’

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