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Juvia’s Place is launching its first ever foundation range

Another day another new beauty product, but this one is too good.

Juvia’s Place became known for its super pigmented eye shadow palettes that only cost $20 to $25 which means 2500 to 3000 Pakistani price.

This brand started with highlighters, brushes, and lipsticks, and now it’s expanding further and moving onto the next big thing. And if you think its foundation and concealers you are right.

The brand shared this news on its Instagram, writing, “In a society where there is pressure to be picture perfect, at Juvia’s Place we believe beauty comes in different forms, colours, shapes and sizes. Regardless, of what skin colour you are, The most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself. You are Magic.”

The “I Am Magic” foundation line is coming in 42 different shades separated by three kingdoms, the Light Kingdom, Medium Kingdom, and Dark Kingdom , eight families means your shade, and four different undertones: cool, warm, neutral, and olive.

The build-able formula reaches full-coverage, is long-wearing, and has a velvety matte finish. It’s also vegan and cruelty-free with no parabens or oils.

The concealer will comes in 24 shades, formulated with emollients and amino acids, the concealer provides intense colour without compromising feel and texture” while being nourishing on the skin.

The foundation and concealer can be purchased starting May 20.

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