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KFC releases ‘finger lickin’ good’ edible nail polishes!

Parents go to great lengths to stop their kids from biting their nails—sometimes even painting the nails to discourage such activity. Now KFC has released a new line of edible fried-chicken nail polish and it’s possible that children all over the world may just start biting their fingers off whole.

A publication gives all the details on KFC’s foray into the cosmetics world with an edible nail polish that dries glossy like real nail polish, but was designed to hold the flavor.

To create this palatable paint, food technologists at the McCormick spice company worked hard at getting all of KFC’s secret 11 herbs and spices into that tiny bottle. The polish flavors are made from locally sourced natural ingredients and come in two flavors: Original and Hot & Spicy.

Hang on, if you’re making a fried chicken flavored nail polish there absolutely must be a secondary polish that tastes like mashed potatoes and gravy. And corn. And biscuits. Okay, I’m starving and ready to binge on nail polish now.

These innovative polishes are only available in Hong Kong, and aren’t quite ready for mass production.

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